Monthly Bible Challenge

March Reading

 Exodus 1 thru40, Nehemiah 1 thru 13, Psalm 52 thru 76, Ephesians 1 thru 6, James 1 thru 5, 1 Peter 1 thru 5 and 2 Peter 1 thru 3.

Whats New

Sunday January 19, 2014 Tailgating themed fellowship Dinner. If you have a favorite sports team lets see those colors. Feel free to bring your favorite finger food to share with others. Contact Vicki Baldwin for more info.

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About Us

Welcome! We are so excited that you are with us today at Sacred Fire Ministries! What a joy to seek God together - looking for His purpose in our services, in our lives, in our families, and ultimately in our nation and our world.

Our Sunday services have just one purpose: to meet with God. Everything else is just "stuff". Through both the worship and preaching times - and especially at our altars - we are expecting God to do amazing things: reconcile marriages, give direction for upcoming decisions, bring peace in tumultuous circumstance, grant freedom from addictions and other life controlling issues, call our people into ministry callings, launch missionaries...

He is incredible, and the list of what HE wants to do at Sacred Fire is even more extensive than ours! We just want His presence.

Join with us today as we honor His name and seek His presence in our lives!

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