Monthly Bible Challenge

November Reading

Joshua 1 thru 22, Psalm 133 thru 150, Proverbs 23 thru 31, Hosea 1 thru 14, Amos 1 thru 9, Obadiah, Jonah 1 thru 4, Galatians 1 thru 6, Hebrews 1 thru 6, Jude 1

Whats New

Mens Breakfast Saturday November 21st, 8am,
Royal Rangers Official Meeting NOvember 21st 4pm
Thanksgiving Communion Service November 25th, 6pm.

Clothing Connection Plus Saturday November 28th, 10am,

Welcome to Sacred Fire Ministries

We are very happy to announce the Lord has blessed us with a new home. Here is a proposed facelift for our new Sacred Fire Ministries which is located at 12226 U.S. 301  Belleview, FL 34420. Please come join us as we worship God and share his word and love.

Welcome to Sacred Fire Ministries! If websites can be “alive and anointed”, we are praying that this one is! Our prayer is that as you explore the foundation, ministries, outreach and vision of Sacred Fire, you will find more than mere information. All of us have a Next Step, and our website goal is to help you find yours!

  • * If you are simply checking out Christianity, visit our Exploring Christianity link under Next Steps for website links that will get you started and answer your beginning questions.
  • * Maybe God’s got your number, and you can feel Him callin’ you out! If you’re at the point in life where you are saying, “’s time for me to get my stuff right with God,” then you’ll definitely want to visit Igniting the Fire under Next Steps.
  • * Perhaps you have been involved in churches before that were judgmental or full of cliques, and you just never felt like you fit. Maybe someone offended you while flying the name “Christian”, and you are gun-shy of getting back involved, but still feel a need to connect with God. Or maybe you’ve found yourself in a church/ country-club atmosphere that seemed nice enough, but just never seemed to feed your soul and challenge you to “grow deep” in your own relationship with God.
  • Restoring the Image is your Next Step for links and information that will help you deepen your relationship with God.
  • * As we grow in our love for Christ, our love for others will also grow exponentially.
  • The Equipping for Ministry Next Step will provide you resources that will help teach you how to use your God-given gifts and passions to introduce others to the love you’ve found in Christ.

All this to say, we want our website to be more than just informational, we strive for it to be transformational! In light of eternity, what else matters? Feel free to surf through our site, and take advantage of the many links embedded to help you on your way to your Next Step!

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